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Key West’s Conch Connection Inspires Quirky Contest

Blowing a conch shell might not rank high as a symphonic accomplishment, but aficionados are expected to “trumpet” their fondness for the quirky form of musical expression during an annual test of skill in Key West. Several dozen people from around the United States are expected to compete Saturday, March 4, in the 55th annual Conch Shell Blowing Contest. 

Exclusive Tours to Showcase Key West’s Private Gardens Feb. 25-26

Nature lovers can tour the lush and lovely gardens surrounding five private Key West homes Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 25-26, during tours presented by the Key West Garden Club. 

Florida Keys Keys & Key West Festivals and Events Span 2017

Hardly a weekend goes by in the Florida Keys & Key West without a special event or festival taking place. Providing entertainment and enjoyment for visitors virtually throughout the year, the events celebrate everything from the Keys’ colorful history, artistic culture and quirky ambiance to underwater wonders, outdoor adventure and tasty cuisine. 

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