11 July 2019

The Best Bed And Breakfasts In Key West

With so much activity out on the streets of Key West, many guests prefer to check into a bed and breakfast that simply offers that first meal of the day without all of the other resort amenities. Here are some of Key West’s best B&Bs.
08 July 2019

12 Top Second Honeymoon Destinations

We’ve rounded up the best second honeymoon destinations that are perfect for you and your loved one. To curate our list, we asked for your favorite honeymoon suggestions on our Facebook page. We included recommendations from seniors like you, along with our expert picks.

02 July 2019
Miami New Times

The Ten Best Key Lime Pies in the Florida Keys

Nearly every major city or vacation destination in the United States lays claim to an iconic dish. In Chicago, it's deep-dish pizza. In Philadelphia, it's cheesesteak. In Texas, it's brisket.

In South Florida, it's key lime pie.

01 July 2019

10 Places To Eat, Drink, And Fish Like Ernest Hemingway In Key West

Though the Keys remain an evergreen getaway for beach-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, the destination is also heaven-sent for literary lovers of the Lost Generation.
17 June 2019
Conde Nast Traveler

How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Trip to Key West

The island has taken eco-friendly measures into its own hands.

13 June 2019

Top 3 Eco-Friendly Vacation Spots

With plenty of caring citizens wanting to do their part, eco-tourism, sustainability-focused, and thriving wildlife destinations have become front and center on trending travel reports.

Here in the United States, the Florida Keys has been leading the charge on responsible tourism offering everything from sustainable eco-tours to government supported nature centers that emphasize the education on local wildlife.
03 June 2019
This Is My South

5 Must-Eat Dishes in the Florida Keys

When planning a trip to the Florida Keys, anyone who has been there will likely make you a long list of recommended places to eat. The coastal cuisine features fresh seafood and Caribbean influences. There are many must-eat dishes, but these are just a few that visitors can’t miss. 
31 May 2019
USA Today

Dry Tortugas National Park: An overlooked gem in the Florida Keys

After a 2 1/2-hour boat ride, it finally comes into focus: an enormous fort in the Gulf of Mexico that seems to rise up out of the water. Beneath it: a tiny island known as the Dry Tortugas.

15 May 2019
Travel and Leisure

How to Take the Ultimate Florida Keys Road Trip

A drive down Florida’s Overseas Highway from Key Largo to Key West offers the perfect blend of eccentric bohemia and chic joie de vivre. As the mile markers decrease, Old Florida charm sharpens into focus.
10 May 2019
Matador Network

The Florida Keys are leading the charge on sustainable wildlife tourism in the US

LIKE A SMALL, BRIGHT light in all the darkness, amid the planet’s climate-change-induced death throes, wildlife tourism is taking a turn for the better.