12 March 2020
Big Seven Travel

50 Most Scenic Drives In The World

125 miles of US Route 1 runs over turquoise blue waters through the Florida Keys. This epic road links all of the keys together, making it perfect for island hopping and getting to know the Florida Caribbean better. Load up the car and hit one of the most unique and scenic roads in the United States.
03 March 2020
The Discover Blog

15 Most Beautiful Places in the U.S.

From the arid Southwest to the rocky coastline of the East Coast, the United States has some of the most stunning natural terrain in the world. Narrowing down the most awe-inspiring destinations in this country is one of the more difficult things we've done. Go ahead and argue with our choices, but here's our list of places that we can't stop drooling over.

27 February 2020
Flamingo Magazine

Discover the Crazy History of Key Lime Pie

The dish you’d likely name Florida’s state food, the pride of the Keys, more American than apple pie, got its start as a way to prevent scurvy.

27 February 2020
Lonely Planet

Under the radar USA: Islamorada is a gem of the Florida Keys

Islamorada is an in-between place, a mix of high and low, American and Caribbean, both refined and edgy. Nestled squarely between booming Miami and rowdy Key West, Islamorada remains more hippy than its northern counterparts, yet more elegant than the infamous sprawl of Key West’s Duval Street.

14 February 2020
Southern Living

Sunshine Key Tiny House Village Opens in the Florida Keys—and We Want to Move There Pronto

You don't have to sell us hard on a Florida Keys vacation. Sunshine, surf, good people, good times. But this news may very well seal the deal on booking a Sunshine State getaway sooner rather than later: On January 1st Petite Retreats officially opened  the Sunshine Key Tiny House Village
21 January 2020
Travel and Leisure

The Best Places to Visit in Florida (Video)

Year-round sunshine, one thousand miles of beaches, and almost as many palm trees as people: what’s not to love? Florida is where the world goes on vacation.

07 January 2020

US Travel: 25 Best Places To Visit In 2020

What’s on your travel list for 2020? Maybe this is the year to see more of the United States. After all, there’s so much to love in our own backyard.
07 January 2020
Travel Zoo

20 Best Places to Travel in 2020

If you’re anything like us, a new year means a chance to plot new travel adventures—and 2020 comes with a surplus of options.
07 November 2019

An Eco-Friendly Guide to the Florida Keys

Tropical beaches and Tommy Bahama crowds abound across the 125-mile-long Florida Keys, but that’s not why I visited this southernmost travel hotspot. My trip to the Florida Keys centered on one over-arching (and adorable) theme: wildlife.
28 October 2019
Atlanta Magazine/Southbound

Unlock the Keys: 10 locals reveal the best places to eat, drink, swim, and sightsee along America’s southernmost isles

Forget the tourist traps. Go where Keys residents go with the help of this essential guide.