20 May 2020

Florida Keys Reopening To Tourism On June 1

But when I saw that the Florida Keys were reopening, it really got my attention for two reasons. First, this is a great and varied destination that fits the bill of what people seem to want right now - almost all of its attractions and much of the dining are outdoors, in beautiful weather and a gorgeous setting.

20 May 2020
Northstar Meetings Group

Guide to Meeting & Event Planning in Florida Keys

Learn why you should host your next meeting, event or conference in the Florida Keys.
13 May 2020
Travel + Leisure

10 Best Secluded Beaches in the U.S.

Beach vacations are wonderful. You get to lay out on the sand, soak in some sunshine, and maybe read a book or take a nice, long swim in the ocean. For many people, spending a day at the beach is a favorite summer pastime.
12 May 2020
American Way

Local Takes: Key West

Key West, the southernmost town in the continental United States, is the end of the line, the last island on an archipelago that stretches 125 miles off the tip of Florida... From a real-life mermaid to a third-generation local (a.k.a. “Conch”), to a larger-than-life drag queen, these three beloved locals show us that there’s more to Key West than its seedy dive bars (though those are fun too!).

23 April 2020
Luxury Travel Advisor

Luxury Blooms In The Florida Keys

On a recent foray to the Florida Keys, we got a glimpse of the rebirth the destination is undergoing, with a decidedly upscale twist.

22 April 2020
Travel Pulse

The Florida Keys: A Hub for Ecotourism

The Florida Keys have been a popular tourist hot spot for decades. Attracting millions of tourists each year, the Keys have adapted in order to keep their beautiful islands clean and prosperous. From the islands’ many resorts to educational tourist attractions, the Florida Keys are a perfect destination for travelers looking to get away without damaging the environment.

22 April 2020
Trail Blazer Magazine

King of the Keys

Stretching close to 125 miles from tip to tip, the Florida Keys are a wonderland of natural beauty, underwater magic, and colorful characters. And nowhere is that more evident than in the Keys bookends of Key Largo and Key West. Whether lounging on the beach, fishing for the one that won’t get away, sipping fruity concoctions as the sun goes down, or shopping for that perfectly “Keys-ey” souvenir, the Florida Keys make for a perfect getaway.
12 March 2020
Big Seven Travel

50 Most Scenic Drives In The World

125 miles of US Route 1 runs over turquoise blue waters through the Florida Keys. This epic road links all of the keys together, making it perfect for island hopping and getting to know the Florida Caribbean better. Load up the car and hit one of the most unique and scenic roads in the United States.
03 March 2020
The Discover Blog

15 Most Beautiful Places in the U.S.

From the arid Southwest to the rocky coastline of the East Coast, the United States has some of the most stunning natural terrain in the world. Narrowing down the most awe-inspiring destinations in this country is one of the more difficult things we've done. Go ahead and argue with our choices, but here's our list of places that we can't stop drooling over.

27 February 2020
Flamingo Magazine

Discover the Crazy History of Key Lime Pie

The dish you’d likely name Florida’s state food, the pride of the Keys, more American than apple pie, got its start as a way to prevent scurvy.