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Enhanced Accommodations, New Excursions and Adventures Highlight What's New in the Florida Keys & Key West for Spring 2016

The Florida Keys & Key West mark the spring season with a variety of enhanced accommodations, new adventures and culinary offerings to tempt visitors. Explore the highlights here.

Conch Republic to Celebrate 34th ‘Birthday’ April 22 Through May 1

Aspiring Conch Republic citizens can celebrate the offbeat “nation’s” birthday April 22 through May 1 with activities ranging from a drag race for female impersonators to an exuberant sea battle featuring tall ships.

Cultural Celebrations Enrich the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys’ creative citizens are renowned for organizing celebrations of art, music, theater, film and literature practically at the drop of a frangipani blossom. And what’s more, they happily invite culturally minded visitors to take part, staging events designed to appeal to everyone from aficionados of visual and performing arts to those passionate about the written word. 

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