23 July 2018

Hemingway Look-Alikes Spoof Pamplona's Bull Run in Key West

Scores of Ernest Hemingway look-alikes took to the Key West streets Saturday for the "Running of the Bulls," a zany (and much safer) take-off on the annual run held in Pamplona, Spain. 
23 July 2018

Paula Deen's Husband Wins Hemingway Look-Alike Contest in Key West

Celebrity chef Paula Deen's white-bearded husband has won an Ernest Hemingway look-alike competition, a highlight event of Key West’s annual Hemingway Days festival that ends Sunday.
11 July 2018

Key West to Launch Red-Hot Tropical Heat Festivities Aug. 15-19

The offbeat island of Key West, renowned for its year-round subtropical weather and lively celebrations, is to entertain revelers with a sizzling long weekend of all-male adult events Wednesday through Sunday, Aug. 15-19.
19 June 2018

New Resorts, Refurbishments Await Travelers to Florida Keys

The Florida Keys & Key West are unveiling 1,500 “new” rooms this summer, showcasing all-new and fully refurbished resorts — and its first “luxury-inclusive” resort — in coming weeks.
19 June 2018

Florida Keys Reefs’ Annual Reproduction is a Fantastical Underwater Occurrence

Night divers soon can submerge on Florida Keys reefs for a chance to witness a fascinating yet fragile underwater reproductive phenomenon that occurs when coral polyps release millions of gametes (eggs and sperm) in synchronized mass-spawning rituals.
18 June 2018

Key West Lobsterfest to Feature Luscious Local Seafood Aug. 9-12

Seafood lovers can chow down on Florida’s clawless lobster during the annual Key West Lobsterfest Thursday through Sunday, Aug. 9-12, featuring temptations ranging from a lobster boil to a lively street fair starring the tasty crustacean. 
15 June 2018

Mel Fisher Days to Celebrate Key West Shipwreck Salvager July 12-14

Adventure lovers can celebrate the late Mel Fisher, who sought and salvaged the shipwrecked Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha, Thursday through Saturday, July 12-14, during Mel Fisher Days in his longtime “home port.”
14 June 2018

Hemingway Days Continues Key West’s Rich Literary Tradition

A rich roster of literary events awaits fans of fine writing during Hemingway Days 2018, set for Tuesday through Sunday, July 17-22. The festival celebrates the talent and exuberant Key West lifestyle of legendary writer Ernest Hemingway, who lived on the island for most of the 1930s. 
13 June 2018

‘Immerse Yourself!’ in Learning at Florida Keys History of Diving Museum

The Florida Keys History of Diving Museum, dedicated to the collection, preservation and display of relics and artifacts regarding the sport’s heritage, is offering a free “Immerse Yourself!” lecture series for underwater enthusiasts eager to expand their knowledge.
13 June 2018

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Launches Blue Star Fishing Guide Program

The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary has implemented a Blue Star Fishing Guide program to recognize and promote sustainable recreational fishing in the Keys.