09 November 2017

Festival to Showcase Stock Island’s Seafaring Heritage, Cuisine and Community

The seafaring tradition, culinary riches and vibrant creative enterprises of Stock Island, the Florida Keys community adjacent to Key West, are to be on display Friday through Sunday, Dec. 8-10, for attendees of the I Love Stock Island Festival.
08 November 2017

Key West Holiday Fest to Celebrate Seasonal Spirit

Key West may be Florida’s subtropical southernmost island, but revelers can enjoy events as seasonal as Santa’s North Pole celebrations during the 2017 Key West Holiday Fest that runs through Dec. 31.
07 November 2017

Spirited Holiday Events Await Visitors in the Florida Keys & Key West

From Key Largo to Key West, the 2017 holidays are sprinkled with spirited activities and stylish only-in-the-Keys events featuring decorated boats, bicycles and a bodacious high-heeled shoe.
06 November 2017

P1 AquaX World Championships to Roar into Key West Dec. 9-10

Professional personal watercraft racers from all over the world are to roar through Key West waters Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 9-10, in a demonstration of speed and skill designed to keep spectators’ adrenaline flowing on overdrive.
03 November 2017

Key West Triathlon to Test Athletes’ Endurance in Subtropical Setting

Athletes seeking a warm-weather event to test their physical and mental stamina can compete in the annual Key West Triathlon set for Saturday, Dec. 9, on the continental United States’ southernmost island. 
31 October 2017

Fantasy Fest Masquerade Marchers Prowl Key West

Thousands of masked and costumed partiers promenaded through Key West’s Old Town during the free-spirited Fantasy Fest Masquerade March, a lively prelude to Saturday night’s elaborate grand parade.
31 October 2017

Key West Fantasy Fest Ends Sunday After Lavish Parade

Just seven weeks after Hurricane Irma’s winds swept through the Florida Keys, tens of thousands of spectators gathered in Key West to applaud the Fantasy Fest parade. 
27 October 2017

Fantasy Fest Headdress Ball in Key West

Revelers in huge, lavish masks and headdresses -- some towering far higher than their wearers -- made “headlines” at Key West's Headdress Ball, a highlight of the 10-day Fantasy Fest costuming and masking festival that ends Sunday, Oct. 29. 
26 October 2017

Animals, Owners Compete in Fantasy Fest Pet Masquerade

Canines, felines, mammals and cuddly rodents took the stage in Key West during the annual Fantasy Fest Pet Masquerade, a wacky costume competition for barking and meowing revelers and their human companions. 
26 October 2017

Thousands of Bicycling ‘Zombies’ Roam Key West

Several thousand costumed “creatures” pedaled through Key West during the Zombie Bike Ride that concluded the opening weekend of Fantasy Fest, the Florida Keys’ first major special event since Hurricane Irma struck the island chain Sept. 10