15 July 2020

KEY LARGO, Florida Keys -- Two rehabilitated manatees were returned to waters off the Florida Keys Wednesday at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo.


The mother and male calf were rescued this past February near the Pilot House Restaurant, also in Key Largo. Dolphin Research Center’s Manatee Rescue Team, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responders teamed up for the rescue.


The mother, nicknamed “Kangaroo,” had both of her pectoral flippers deeply entangled in fishing line and net. The net was so tight around her left flipper that it fractured her ulna and radius bones. The calf, “Joey,” was still dependent on her so both were taken to Miami Seaquarium for treatment and rehabilitation.


Kangaroo healed up and is able to fully use her flippers, officials said. She can also still nurse Joey from beneath both flippers.

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