03 August 2017
Hippie in Heels

Exploring the Florida Keys From Key Largo to Key West

Ever since I was younger, I always wanted to go to the Florida Keys. I’d been to Florida on vacation, but they always seemed inaccessible since they were so far South and I imagined them as exclusive and expensive. Well, they aren’t more expensive than other areas of Florida I’ve been and it was actually really relaxed there; not fancy like I pictured it.

28 July 2017
Adventurous Kate

A Sizzling Summer Trip to the Florida Keys

I can’t believe it’s only July and I’ve driven the entire length of the Florida Keys three times this year.

25 July 2017
Camels & Chocolate

Your Ultimate Guide to a Florida Keys Vacation

Though I’ve been traveling to Florida annually since birth, it wasn’t until my 30s that I actually made it to the Florida Keys. And what fun SVV and I had! We flew into Miami the day after Thanksgiving, drove to Key Largo to start our week-long road trip through the Keys, ended in Key West and flew home from there.

24 July 2017
Washington's Top News

Top US honeymoon destinations

TripAdvisor has analyzed reviews left by newlyweds on their site to put together the 15 best beach destinations, mountain towns and secluded stays for your romantic getaway. Here are the best honeymoon destinations in the U.S. that show you don’t need to leave the country to celebrate your marriage.
05 February 2016
The Travel Hack

My First Day in Key West: Ernest Hemingway, Jet Skiing, Lobster and Ghost Busting

It took me almost 22 hours to reach Florida Keys. It began at 6.30am on Sunday morning with a drive to Manchester Airport, a quick flight to Heathrow, an 10-hour flight to Miami and finally another quick flight to Key West.
02 February 2016
True Nomads

Sunsets in Paradise: 18 Reasons to Visit The Florida Keys

Last year I toured around the Florida Keys, and it became one of my favorite places in all of The USA. I dove ship wrecks near Key Largo, took a sea plane to the beautiful Dry Tortuga Islands, ate incredible grub in Islamorada and, maybe my most favorite, got acquainted with the ultra weird and cool Key West, with its non-stop nightlife and street entertainers and breweries.
02 February 2016

Key West Food & Wine Festival 2016 Highlights Resort's Growing Reputation As A Foodie Paradise

Along with its unapologetically offbeat ambience and burgeoning allure for luxury travelers, Key West is steadily adding another distinction to its dossier: a paradise for serious foodies. 
18 January 2016
To Europe & Beyond

8 Things You Have To See & Do in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys have been on my bucket list ever since I first set foot in Florida last year with a getaway to Fort Lauderdale and Miami – although it has the reputation of being downright bizarre (see Seth Meyer’s “Fake or Florida segment“), the state also boasts incredible beaches and year-round sunshine that are undeniably attractive.
06 January 2016
Toronto Sun

Six must-try activities in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are rightfully among the most popular areas of the Sunshine State. Here are six things to try. 
14 December 2015
Oh The People You Meet

Your Key to the Florida Keys

A haven for fishermen, foodies, and beach bums alike, the Florida Keys is the destination spot that encompasses it all. The Keys, lying about 15 miles south of Miami on Florida’s mainland and 90 miles north of Cuba, spans 112 miles long. Often referred to as “America’s Caribbean,” the archipelago is home to more than 1700 islands. Some islands, like Key West, are quite developed and populated, while the beauty of others lies more in the undiscovered.