12 March 2021
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Florida Keys Travel Guide

The Florida Keys are like a coral kingdom: a 125-mile-long arcing chain of islands flung south from the tip of Florida with the ultimate island — Key West — resting just 90 miles from the shores of Cuba. And with one narrow road (and 42 bridges) connecting the isles, just to travel the Florida Keys is to feel on a magical, water-surrounded journey.

21 December 2020
Curb Free Cory Lee

15 Wheelchair Accessible Things To Do in Key West Florida (And Where To Stay)

So, for eight glorious days, I rolled all over Key West and experienced as much of it as I safely could. And what I discovered was that every friend and family member was tremendously wrong. After eight days in Key West, I certainly was not ready to leave paradise. I could have easily stayed another eight or eighty days. 
14 December 2020
Family Vacationist

11 Family Road Trip Ideas Every Kid Will Love

Combining our love of the automobile with our affinity for wide open spaces (not to mention quirky roadside attractions), family road trips are the quintessential American vacation. Who doesn’t remember packing into the backseat of the family car and venturing out on that time-honored family tradition that’s as much about the journey as the destination? 

01 December 2020
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14 Winter Vacation Ideas in the U.S., From Ski Resorts to Sunny Beaches

A four-hour drive from Miami, the trip takes visitors across 42 bridges to . Winter temperatures in the 70s, history, and water sports attract fun-loving tourists from around the world.
30 November 2020
Dish Miami

Key West Travel Guide: Finding Refuge From 2020 In Key West

The allure of the travel from Miami to Key West is unquestionable; both for locals and tourists alike. After a couple of hours in the car and one of the most beautiful drives in the country, you arrive in a stunning travel spot remarkably different than Miami. For those curious travelers and those who seek refuge from the times we’re living in, beloved Miami writer Alona Abbady Martinez breaks down where to eat, what to do, and where to stay in Key West.

10 November 2020

The Most Romantic Private Island Resort In America: Little Palm Island

In search of a “special” stateside destination myself for a recent wedding anniversary trip, I found the perfect spot on a private island in the southernmost corner of the country – the ultra-luxe (and adults-only) Little Palm Island Resort & Spa in the Florida Keys.
04 November 2020

The Florida Keys Are One Big Ghost Magnet

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the Florida Keys have an undeniably creepy vibe. It becomes especially present at night, when paradise gives way to the paranormal. This whole, 125-mile chain of islands feels like a long, outdoor haunted house. 

28 October 2020
Trip Savvy

The 10 Best Small Towns in Florida

Explore some of Florida’s best small towns to soak up the charm of quiet coastlines, historic downtowns, and immersive nature experiences like scuba diving in a prehistoric cave or swimming with manatees. Consider this list a treasure map to get you started.
27 October 2020
Travel and Leisure

25 Girls’ Weekend Getaways That Won't Break the Bank

Tropical seas, sunny days, and evenings filled with drag shows: What more does your girlfriend group really need?
26 October 2020
Sport Fishing Magazine

5 Drivable Fishing Destinations

Many people aren’t yet ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in airport lines and then spend hours in the confines of a plane, which leaves just one option for anglers Jonesing for a hot and potentially exotic bite: Fuel up the truck and start driving, with or without the boat and trailer.