02 October 2020
Sun Sentinel

Postcards from the edge: Traveling to the Keys in a pandemic

No, nobody wants to know where I’ve been or seen or done. Just how I feel.

22 September 2020

Best State Parks in the South—and How to Visit

The parks here may be bundled beneath one geographic designation—the South—but they couldn’t be more different from one another, encompassing some of the most mind-boggling features of this country.
18 September 2020
Travel Awaits

How To Spend An Amazing Day In Islamorada, Florida

Islamorada, a village made up of six of the Florida Keys, is located halfway between Miami and Key West. Whether you’re making the entire fabulous road trip from Miami to Key West or just heading here for a day trip from either end, Islamorada will provide you with plenty of fun, water sports, history, and succulent local food.
03 September 2020

An adults-only all-inclusive resort in Florida has a floating tiki bar and glass-bottomed kayaks

Key Largo is not the place you go for a thrill — it's the place you go to relax, hard. And as an adults-only property and the only all-inclusive resort in the Florida Keys, Bungalows Key Largo might be the easiest spot of all to unwind on an archipelago that seems to have formed on this earth solely to remind us to chill out.

23 July 2020
Scuba Diving

What It’s Like to Dive in The Florida Keys Right Now

After a few years out of my wetsuit (I was pregnant twice in a row and then busy with babies), 2020 was to be my comeback to regular diving in my home state of Florida. It would also be the first time I’d get to dive with my newly certified nieces, Maddy (14) and Ella (13), who managed to log a combined 15 beginner dives while their aunt was busy changing diapers.

14 July 2020
Travel Age West

5 Popular LGBTQ+ Travel Destinations Poised for Recovery

Here’s what some of the most popular LGBTQ+ vacation destinations are offering travelers today.

14 July 2020
Conde Nast Traveler

The 14 Best Private Island Resorts

At these exclusive private islands, from the Seychelles to the Florida Keys, there’s nothing but endless privacy and personal space. Without a soul in sight, all that’s left to do is take in the natural beauty and look forward to days of doing absolutely nothing.
06 July 2020

Here’s What It’s Like To Travel To The Florida Keys Right Now

The Florida Keys reopened on June 1st, removing its checkpoint and allowing tourists to return for the first time in months.

06 July 2020
Lonely Planet

The Florida Keys are open to visitors - here’s what you need to know

In 2019, in fact, the Florida Keys had 4.23 million overnight domestic visitors and was anticipating a similar level of visitors for 2020. That is, until the global pandemic hit, forcing the access roads to be closed, to those who don’t live or work in the Florida Keys. Now that the beloved archipelago has reopened to tourists, it’s time to explore the Keys again, with a few new rules in place, that is. 

29 June 2020
Travel Pulse

10 Must-See Sites in the Florida Keys for Animal and Nature-Lovers

Made up of nearly 1,700 islands covered in lush plant life and diverse animal species, the Florida Keys is the perfect destination for animal-lovers and nature-lovers alike. These are some of The Keys’ must-see sites for tourists looking for a unique wildlife experience.