‘Local’s Choice’ Tips From Christopher Peterson

Key West entertainer Christopher Peterson, one of the island city’s most popular female impersonators, is the Florida Keys’ newest New Year’s Eve icon.

Peterson is to “drop” in a giant glittering red high-heeled shoe at the stroke of midnight, landing on a stage on famed Duval Street, in one of Key West’s warm-weather takeoffs on New York City’s New Year’s Eve “ball drop.”

The energetic, witty performer promises some unique entertainment during the internationally recognized Key West drop.

A native of Canada, Peterson credits the launch of his career to winning the title of “Mr. Alternate” in 1984 in Vancouver.

“I was born this way,” he said. “I started acting at age 14. I later learned you can make a living living as a man but dressing as a woman.”

Peterson first developed his iconic EYECONS show in 1992. It subsequently evolved until it became today’s humorous one-man show that he performs three nights each week at the La Te Da cabaret at 1125 Duval St.

He impersonates ladies known by their first names: Marilyn, Carol, Reba, Patsy, Joan, Bette (both Midler and Davis), Tina, Barbra, Liza and Judy, Lucy and Cher — as well as Lady Gaga and others. During his show, Peterson becomes one EYECON after another without skipping a beat, changing attire right in front of his audience during the 70-minute performance.

His motto: “I was a Boy Scout, so always be prepared.”

Where he dines: “Mainly at home. But if not there, of course at Christopher Rounds’ La Te Da restaurant. In the last 25 years, I’ve eaten at every Key West restaurant at least twice.”

Where he explores: When friends are in town, the Butterfly Conservatory, Mallory Square, all up and down Duval Street and occasionally Geiger Key.

How he relaxes: At home with dog Ben, a bag of chips and a bad movie.