'Local's Choice' Tips from Nick Stanczyk

Fishing is in the blood of charter captain Nick Stanczyk of Islamorada, who is known as a Florida Keys swordfish fishing pioneer. The legendary Stanczyk family has owned and operated Bud N' Mary's Sportfishing Marina since 1978.

Nick, 38, is the son of Richard Stanczyk, nephew to Scott, brother of Rick and husband to Sara - each an accomplished and active charter captain at Bud N' Mary's.

Nick grew up on the docks of Bud N' Mary's and has spent his life in the waters off the Keys. He earned a degree in video and film at the University of Miami and spent a couple of years of traveling and deep-sea fishing throughout the Caribbean.

He also runs the YouTube channel StanzFam, attracting nearly 49.7 million viewers and 209,000 subscribers since late March 2018. It's all about family adventures with Sara and daughters Sadie and Claire.

Nick and Sara married eight years ago. Since becoming a father, he says, "The hardcore fishing has slowed down a little." He frequently enjoys laid-back activities with Sara and their daughters, ages 2-1/2 and 5-1/2.

His motto: "Go fishing. Have fun."

Where he dines: In Islamorada: Square Grouper, Lazy Days, Chef Michael's, Saylor Ashton's Sunrise Grill at Bud N' Mary's marina.

Where he explores: The Gulfstream, in offshore waters of the Florida Keys for swordfish and deep-water bottom fish.

How he relaxes: At local sandbars, and swimming and snorkeling at Alligator Reef Lighthouse.