01 December 2022

KEY LARGO, Florida Keys — Hundreds of college swimmers from around the country are to meet and compete in the open-to-spectators Orange Bowl Swim Classic Tuesday, Jan. 3 — the culmination of an annual monthlong winter training session in Key Largo.


The warm winter competition, one of a series of events slated around South Florida’s Orange Bowl football playoff weekend, kicks off the New Year at the Jacobs Aquatic Center, mile marker 99.6 oceanside. A series of fast-paced swimming events characterizes the sprint-style meet.


Men’s and women’s teams scheduled to compete in the Swim Classic include those from

West Virginia University, Western Colorado University, New York’s Columbia University, Minnesota’s St. Catherine University and Carleton College, Colby-Sawyer College of New Hampshire, Ohio’s University of Findlay, Michigan’s Kalamazoo College, Trinity College of Connecticut, Missouri’s Washington University and Concordia University of Texas.


The competition is expected to start at 10 a.m. and continue until noon. Admission for spectators is free.


An awards social and dinner at the Jacobs Aquatic Center are to follow the meet, where spectators are welcome to interact with the swimmers and coaches.


Event information: jacobsaquaticcenter.org or 305-453-SWIM (305-453-7946)

Key Largo visitor information: fla-keys.com/keylargo or 1-800-822-1088

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