News releases regarding Florida Keys diving and the Vandenberg Artificial Reef project. Vandenberg photos and video can be found in the Digital Media Assets section of this Web site.
05 October 2022

Divers Go Deep for Key Largo’s Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest Oct. 29

Divers should pack their pumpkin carving tools when they gear up for the 24th annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest set for Saturday, Oct. 29, in Key Largo waters.
20 September 2022

Florida Keys Tourism Council Releases New Dive Safety Video

To encourage safe and responsible diving in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the Monroe County Tourist Development Council, the official destination marketing organization for the Florida Keys & Key West, has released a “Dive Safely in the Florida Keys” video.
29 August 2022

Florida Keys are Featured Destination for New Dive Television Show

The Florida Keys are slated to be featured on the new recreational diving show, “Destination Dive,” set to premiere on Discovery Sunday, Sept. 4, at 7:30 a.m. ET/PT.
17 May 2022

Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival to Promote Reef Protection

Divers and snorkelers can promote reef protection and explore the continental United States’ only living coral barrier reef during a one-of-a-kind underwater concert scheduled Saturday, July 9.
10 May 2022

Florida Keys Dive Trip Giveaway to Commemorate ‘Sink Anniversary’ of Spiegel Grove

On May 17, 2002, a retired 510-foot Navy Landing Ship Dock named Spiegel Grove was sunk off Key Largo to become the backbone of a new ecosystem 6 miles offshore, providing sanctuary to hundreds of aquatic species.
05 May 2022

June 4 Coralpalooza to Combine Diving in Three Keys Regions and Land-Based Fun

In recognition of World Oceans Day promoting ocean preservation, Key Largo’s Coral Restoration Foundation is hosting its annual Coralpalooza Saturday, June 4, featuring in-person reef diving spanning from Key Largo to Key West.
05 May 2022

Celebration to Mark 20th ‘Sink Anniversary’ of Florida Keys’ Spiegel Grove Artificial Reef

The 20th anniversary of the storied intentional sinking of a retired 510-foot Navy Landing Ship Dock to create an artificial reef 6 miles off Key Largo is to be marked May 15-17 in the Florida Keys.
19 April 2022

Dive Community to Mark 20th ‘Sink Anniversary’ of Key Largo’s Spiegel Grove

In May 2002, a retired 510-foot Navy Landing Ship Dock named Spiegel Grove was sunk off Key Largo to become an artificial reef, providing sanctuary to hundreds of aquatic species. In mid-May 2022, divers and underwater enthusiasts are to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ship’s sinking with events including a dive to the wreck and a presentation on its heritage.
30 March 2022

Shallow Keys Reefs Mean Bright Scenery and Bonus Bottom Time

In the Florida Keys, much reef diving is shallow and easily navigable. The only living coral reef in the continental United States lies just a few kicks from the surface in waters as shallow as 5 feet and often only as deep as 50 feet. 

18 February 2022

Coral Reef Protection Tips for Responsible Divers

One of nature’s greatest wonders is a living coral barrier reef, and the Florida Keys island chain is home to the only one in the continental United States. The teeming backbone of marine life runs the length of the Keys about 5 miles offshore, and can engender memories that last a lifetime for visiting divers and snorkelers.