29 August 2022
The Florida Keys are slated to be featured on the new recreational diving show, “Destination Dive,” set to premiere on Discovery Sunday, Sept. 4, at 7:30 a.m. ET/PT.
With an emphasis on conservation, protection and activism, “Destination Dive” is to take viewers on exciting adventures as unique as the Florida Keys island chain it covers.
“The Keys are teeming with amazing diving, marine life and people who are passionate about protecting oceans,” said Mike Zimmer, the show’s executive producer. “‘Destination Dive’ shares their stories in unique and compelling ways.
“Our production is truly the next generation of dive shows and its all about protecting our oceans,” added Zimmer.
Among other topics, first episode segments cover coral restoration, family diving and the Florida Keys Wreck Trek.
Our audience will be captivated by these stories, people and the visual beauty we’ll transport them to,” said Captain Eric Billips, the show’s host and a Florida Keys dive operator. "Spending time with these extraordinary individuals is not only fun, but also truly inspiring.” 
"Destination Dive” is to return in 2023 with five new shows, all originating from the Florida Keys.
“Coral restoration practitioners in the Keys have been leading efforts to develop new techniques that are likely to have a positive impact on declining coral reefs around the world,” said Stacey Mitchell, director of the Monroe County Tourist Development Council, partial underwriter of the program. “It’s great that ‘Destination Dive’ is showcasing those efforts as well as other ways for Keys visitors to connect with and protect our marine resources.
“’Connect and Protect’ has been a TDC marketing mantra for the past four years,” Mitchell noted.
For a sneak peek, visit the show’s website, destinationdive.tv.
Caption: Destination Dive is a new television show slated for airing on Discovery Channel that focuses on stories in the Florida Keys including coral restoration, family diving and the Florida Keys Wreck Trek. The show is to premiere Sunday, Sept. 4, at 7:30 a.m. Photo Illustration by Tony Timpano/Ocean Imaging
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