29 April 2023
Story:  “Bed Race” Teams Blanket Key West’s Historic Duval Street
Locator Super: Key West, Fla.
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B-roll of teams racing decorated beds on Key West's Duval Street.
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Video Source: Florida Keys News Bureau
KEY WEST, Fla. — In most places, beds are reserved for sleeping or amorous activities. But this weekend, teams raced them up Key West’s famed Duval Street on wheels during the annual Conch (pronounced KONK) Republic Bed Race.

Billed as “the most fun you can have in bed with your clothes on,” Saturday’s race was a highlight of the Florida Keys’ 41st annual Conch Republic Days celebration that continues through Sunday.

Each entry in the wacky challenge included a decorated bed mounted on wheels, piloted up Duval by four team members while an additional member rode on the bed. Racing in pairs, competitors vied to trundle their beds to the finish line faster than their rivals.

The quirky race is a fundraiser for the Key West-based Sister Season Fund, established to assist local hospitality and tourism employees in need.          

The 10-day Conch Republic Days festival, that ends Sunday, commemorates the Florida Keys’ symbolic 1982 secession from the United States and “rebirth” as in the independent republic. The action was staged to protest the installation of a U.S. Border Patrol blockade at the head of the island chain, which stopped traffic on the only road connecting mainland Florida with the Keys. 

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