23 April 2023
Story: Female Impersonators Compete in Offbeat Key West ‘Drag Race’
Locator Super: Key West, Fla.
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Video Source: Florida Keys News Bureau

KEY WEST, Fla. — Drag racers don't usually wear dresses and staggeringly high heels, but they did in Key West this weekend during a playful parody of auto racing dubbed the Conch (pronounced KONK) Republic Drag Race.

Female impersonators, sometimes called drag queens, participated in the wacky competition Saturday afternoon wearing makeup, wigs and the sky-high heels mandated by event rules. They attempted to dash down Duval Street — Key West’s aptly nicknamed “main drag” — faster than their rivals while avoiding spills and broken heels.

Contestants were required to navigate an obstacle course of tires and be pushed in shopping carts in front of a crowd of spectators. Crashes, stumbles and falls occurred as the “divas” tried to outpace each other.

The high-heeled hijinks were part of the 41st annual Conch Republic Days festivities that salute the Florida Keys’ symbolic 1982 secession from the United States and formation of the republic — an action prompted by the installation of a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint at the head of the Florida Keys Overseas Highway.

The 2023 celebration runs through Sunday, April 30, with upcoming events including a lighthearted sea battle featuring tall ships, a race of decorated beds and a parade billed as "the world's longest."

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