24 September 2021
ISLAMORADA, Florida Keys — The Florida Keys History & Discovery Center has announced a new art-meets-nature exhibit on display through Sunday, Jan. 16, 2022. “Pollinators” includes original works of art emphasizing the variety and variability of creatures that pollinate South Florida’s abundant native plants.
Focusing on these complex relationships, members of South Florida’s Tropical Botanic Artists collective illustrated birds, butterflies, moths, bees, wasps and even aquatic zooplankton with plants they pollinate. Informative labels accompany each work.
Artists with works in the “Pollinators” exhibition share a love of the natural world that is reflected in their art. The Tropical Botanic Artists collective was established in Miami, Florida, in 2006 to highlight the beauty of tropical plants through art.
“The critical role of pollinators is familiar to farmers and home gardeners alike,” said Susan Cumins with Tropical Botanic Artists. “In South Florida’s remaining uncultivated places — pine rocklands, hardwood hammocks, watery glades and coastal mangroves — the connection between plants and their pollinators is crucial. These co-dependent relationships, though not always obvious, can be strong. Without one, the other will not survive.”
The Florida Keys History & Discovery Center preserves and shares the history of the Upper Keys community and explores the unique ecology of the region. Traveling exhibits such as “Pollinators” complement permanent exhibits that include “Stories of the Upper Keys,” “Legends of the Line,” “Florida Keys First People” and “Coral Reef Exploration.”
Located on the property of the Islander Resort at mile marker 82.1, the Discovery Center also offers a lecture series that educates the public through presentations by a variety of expert speakers. The museum’s second floor features a research library and state-of-the-art theater showing documentaries on various historically significant topics.
The center is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Exhibit information: keysdiscovery.org
Islamorada visitor information: fla-keys.com/islamorada or 1-800-FAB-KEYS
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