07 May 2018
KEY WEST, Fla. -- About 20 colorful mobile sculptures, including one spoofing President Donald Trump, entertained onlookers in Key West during a weekend people-powered parade of kinetic creativity.

Combining recycled materials, ingenuity and steam-punk flair, the early Saturday evening Papio Kinetic Sculpture & Art Bike Parade saluted the late Florida Keys folk artist Stanley Papio. 

"He created these whimsical, fascinating sculptures out of junk -- out of car parts, out of appliances," said Michael Gieda, executive director of the Key West Art & Historical Society that staged the lively procession. 

Beginning outside Key West's Custom House Museum, the parade featured Papio-inspired artisans propelling their sculptural floats and decorated bicycles along the island’s Duval Street. 

Among them was Cayman Smith-Martin's "When Pigs Fly," blending a super-sized winged pig's body and a caricature of the U.S. president’s head. 

Other standout entries included a huge red dragon whose scaly skin was made of recycled bubble wrap, a futuristic turquoise rocket, an 8-foot-tall rooster and a multi-car "train" recalling the historic Florida Keys Over-Sea Railroad. 

"This is art, this is history, this is creativity, this is community -- this is Key West," said Gieda of the parade. "It gives everybody an opportunity, no matter what your skill level is, to create something and then show it off."

The salute to Papio continued Sunday with free admission to Key West's Fort East Martello Museum, home to more than 100 of the late artist's quirky creations.
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