25 January 2021

Daniel William Davis: Steward of Environmental Artistry

Florida Keys artist Dan Davis of Layton, owner of the online Florida Keys Ocean Gallery, uses the ancient Japanese art of gyotaku to create prints from fish he catches in Keys waters.

21 December 2020

Misha McRAE: Steward of a Rare Botanical Garden

A military brat, accountant, ballet and jazz dancer, trucking company executive, Key West lighting store owner and botanical garden advocate, Misha McRAE hasn’t let the grass grow underneath his feet.
22 September 2020

Brad Bertelli: Steward of Florida Keys History

As curator and historian at Islamorada’s Keys History & Discovery Center, Brad Bertelli is a storyteller who spins colorful, articulate tales with rich factual details about life in the Florida Keys.
27 August 2020

Mike Goldberg: Steward of Islamorada’s Coral Reef

The life that Mike Goldberg — co-founder of I.CARE and owner of Islamorada’s Key Dives — created in the Florida Keys is a long way from his previous life as a Bear Stearns money manager, raising $100 million a year.
23 July 2020

Jessica Ann Cecil: Steward of Marine Life Through Art

Talented Islamorada artist Jessica Ann Cecil, 30, is self-taught with a unique flair for capturing marine life with colorful personalities — and she’s on a mission.
21 February 2020

Clinton Curry: Steward of Key West’s Heritage

Clinton Curry is a seventh-generation Key West resident or “Conch” whose ancestors arrived some 180 years ago from the Bahamas’ Green Turtle Cay. The fifth generation of his family to be born on the island, he has lived there for all but two years of his life.
28 January 2020

Artists are Stewards of the Keys’ Natural World

Perhaps even more than others who live among the Florida Keys’ natural wonders — including the continental United States’ only living coral barrier reef — local artists are deeply aware of the unique environment that surrounds and inspires them.
23 December 2019

Patrick Garvey: Steward of the Keys’ ‘Fruitful’ Future

Patrick Garvey owns and operates Big Pine Key’s 2-acre fruit farm Grimal Grove, billed as the first breadfruit grove in the continental United States. Breadfruit is a starchy cantaloupe-sized fruit that can be used like a potato, bread or even as a custard when ripe.
20 November 2019

Steward of the Keys: Matt Sexton

Matt Sexton, 34, a “retired” professional kiteboarder, owns and operates the new Grassy Flats Resort & Beach Club that opened last spring. With a zero-waste program and on-site sustainable amenities, the resort features a bar hand-tooled from locally salvaged wood surrounded by aeroponic tower gardens for flowers, luffas and garnishes; uses biodegradable and plant-based soaps and detergents and accessible water filtration systems; and bans single-use plastics and Styrofoam.
30 October 2019

Stewards of the Keys: REEF’s Alli Candelmo

Alli Candelmo, Ph.D., has remarkable experience in conservation outreach, from surveying reefs for marine parks in tiny Malaysian fishing villages to studying manta rays in Hawaii and netting lionfish in the Turks & Caicos islands.